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You can use DHCP with IPv6 using the CLI. To configure DHCP, ensure IPv6 is enabled by going to System > Config > Features and enabling IPv6.

Use the CLI command

config system dhcp6

For more information on the configuration options, see the FortiGate CLI Reference.

DHCPv6 relay

You can use the following command to configure a FortiGate interface to relay DHCPv6 queries and responses from one network to a network with a DHCPv6 server and back. The command enables DHCPv6 relay and includes adding the IPv6 address of the DHCP server that the FortiGate unit relays DHCPv6 requests to:

config system interface

edit internal

config ipv6

set dhcp6-relay-service enable

set dhcp6-relay-type regular

set dhcp6-relay-ip 2001:db8:0:2::30