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> Chapter 21 - Security Profiles > AntiVirus


This section describes how to configure the antivirus options. From an antivirus profile you can configure the FortiGate unit to apply antivirus protection to HTTP, FTP, IMAP, POP3, SMTP, and NNTP sessions. If your FortiGate unit supports SSL content scanning and inspection, you can also configure antivirus protection for HTTPS, IMAPS, POP3S, SMTPS, and FTPS sessions.

In many cases you can just customize the default antivirus profile and apply it to the security policy that accepts the traffic to be virus scanned. You can also create custom antivirus profiles if want to apply different types of virus protection to different traffic.

The following topics are included in this section:

  • Antivirus concepts
  • Enabling AntiVirus scanning
  • Testing your antivirus configuration
  • Example Scenarios