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> Chapter 14 - IPsec VPN > Protecting OSPF with IPsec > Overview


This chapter shows an example of OSPF routing conducted over an IPsec tunnel between two FortiGate units. The network shown below is a single OSPF area. FortiGate_1 is an Area border router that advertises a static route to in OSPF. FortiGate_2 advertises its local LAN as an OSPF internal route.

OSPF over an IPsec VPN tunnel

The section Overview describes the configuration with only one IPsec VPN tunnel, tunnel_wan1. Then, the section Overview describes how you can add a second tunnel to provide a redundant backup path. This is shown above as VPN tunnel “tunnel_wan2”.

Only the parts of the configuration concerned with creating the IPsec tunnel and integrating it into the OSPF network are described. It is assumed that security policies are already in place to allow traffic to flow between the interfaces on each FortiGate unit.