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VLAN Configuration

Using Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs) allows you to get the most out of using your FortiSwitch unit by using ID tags to logically separate a LAN into smaller broadcast domains. A single LAN can contain many unique VLANs, which allows different policies to be created for different types of users and segments traffic so that it is only sent to and from the intended VLAN.

For example, if a company has one LAN which is to be used for both the marketing and the accounting department, this LAN can be segmented into two VLANs. This allows the traffic from each department to be isolated, so information packets sent to the marketing department are only sent on the marketing VLAN. It also allowed different policies to be created, so that security can be increased for the accounting department without also increasing it for the marketing department.

Now that your FortiSwitch unit is managed by your FortiGate unit, a VLAN can be configured on the FortiSwitch, using the FortiGate.

The following instructions will create a VLAN to be used by the marketing team for network and Internet access. The PCs used by the marketing team will connect to ports 3-6 on the FortiSwitch unit.

Setting up a VLAN requires:

  • Creating the VLAN.
  • Assigning ports on the FortiSwitch unit to the VLAN.

Creating VLANs

Using the web-based manager

Creating the VLAN
  1. Go to WiFi & Switch Controller > Switch Network > Virtual Switch and select Create New. Change the following settings:
Name marketing
IP/Network Mask
  1. Enable DHCP Server. Set the IP range to
  2. Select OK.

The entry marketing is now shown on the list of Virtual Switches. A marketing interface has also been added, which can be seen by going to System > Network > Interfaces.

Assigning FortiSwitch Ports to the VLAN
  1. Go to WiFi & Switch Controller > Managed Devices > Managed FortiSwitch
  2. Highlight the FortiSwitch unit and select Edit Managed FortiSwitch.
  3. Click and drag a box around ports 3-6 to select them.
  4. Select marketing from the Assign to list.

Ports 3-6 on the FortiSwitch have now been assigned to the marketing VLAN and will appear in red.

Using the CLI

  1. Create the marketing VLAN.

config switch-controller vlan

edit marketing

set color 32



  1. Set the VLAN’s IP address.

config system interface

edit marketing

set ip



  1. Enable a DHCP Server.

config system dhcp server

edit 1

set default-gateway

set dns-service default

set interface marketing

config ip-range

set start-ip

set end-ip


set netmask



  1. Assign ports 3-6 to the VLAN.

config switch-controller managed-switch

edit FS224D3W14000370

config ports

edit port3

set vlan marketing


edit port4

set vlan marketing


edit port5

set vlan marketing


edit port6

set vlan marketing



Setting up a security policy for the VLAN

The following instructions configure a basic security policy for the marketing VLAN that will allow all traffic from the marketing VLAN to have access to the Internet.

Using the web-based manager

  1. Go to Policy & Objects > Policy > IPv4 and select Create New. Change the following settings:
Incoming Interface marketing
Source Address all
Outgoing Interface wan1
Destination Address all
Schedule always
Service ALL
Enable NAT Enable
Logging Options Log all Sessions
  1. Select OK.

With this security policy in place, all computers connected to the marketing VLAN can now access the Internet.

Using the CLI

Create a security policy for the marketing VLAN.

config security policy

edit 2

set srcintf marketing

set dstintf wan1

set srcaddr all

set dstaddr all

set action accept

set schedule always

set service ALL

set logtraffic all

set nat enable