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> Chapter 8 - Deploying Wireless Networks > Support for location-based services > Overview


WiFi devices broadcast packets as they search for available networks. The FortiGate WiFi controller can collect information about the interval, duration, and signal strength of these packets. The Euclid Analytics service uses this information to track the movements of the device owner. A typical application of this technology is to analyze shopper behavior in a shopping center. Which stores do people walk past? Which window displays do they stop to look at? Which stores do they enter and how long do they spend there? The shoppers are not personally identified, each is known only by the MAC address of their WiFi device.

After enabling location tracking on the FortiGate unit, you can confirm that the feature is working by using a specialized diagnostic command to view the raw tracking data. The Euclid Analytics service obtains the same data in its proprietary format using a JSON inquiry through the FortiGate unit’s web-based manager interface.