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Mac OS client

To configure network preferences
  1. Right-click the AirPort icon in the toolbar and select Open Network Preferences.
  2. Select Advanced and then select the 802.1X tab.
  3. If there are no Login Window Profiles in the left column, select the + button and then select Add Login Window Profile.
  4. Select the Login Window Profile and then make sure that both TTLS and PEAP are selected in Authentication.
To configure the WPA-Enterprise network connection
  1. Select the AirPort icon in the toolbar.
  2. Do one of the following:
  • If the network is listed, select the network from the list.
  • Select Connect to Other Network.

One of the following windows opens, depending on your selection.

  1. Enter the following information and select OK or Join:
Network name Enter the SSID of your wireless network. (Other network only)
Wireless Security WPA Enterprise
802.1X Automatic
Enter your logon credentials for the wireless network.
Remember this network Select.

You are connected to the wireless network.

Mac OS supports only PEAP with MSCHAPv2 authentication and therefore can authenticate only to a RADIUS server, not an LDAP or TACACS+ server