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Web Sites

The Web Sites console lists the top allowed and top blocked web sites. You can view information by domain or by FortiGuard categories by using the options in the top right corner. Each FortiGuard category can be selected in order to see a description of the category and several example sites, with content loaded from FortiGuard on demand.

This dashboard can be filtered by Domain.

In order for information to appear in the Web Sites console, web filtering must be enabled in a policy, with FortiGate Categories enabled.

Scenario: Investigating an instance of Proxy Avoidance

In this scenario, the Categories view will be used to investigate an instance of Proxy Avoidance, one of the Categories recognized by FortiOS. Proxy Avoidance denotes the use of a proxy site in order to access data that might otherwise be blocked by the server.

  1. Go to System > FortiView > Web Sites to open the Web Sites console.
  2. Select Categories from the top bar menu to enter Categories view.
  3. Scan the Categories column and locate the instance of Proxy Avoidance, then double-click it to enter its drill down screen.
Only FortiGate models 100D and above support the 24 hour historical data.