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FortiGate features and capabilities matrix - NAT vs Transparent mode

Feature/capability NAT Transparent Comment
Unicast Routing / Policy
Based routing
VIP / IP pools / NAT YES YES Configurable from CLI only in transparent mode
Multicast routing YES NO - Options available to forward multicast packets  
L2 forwarding NO YES In Transparent mode, other frames than IP can be forwarded but with no UTM processing.
Firewall (packet filtering / NAT / Authentication) YES YES  
IPv6 capable YES YES  
Traffic shaping - TOS classification YES YES  
Hardware acceleration YES YES  
Anti-Virus YES YES  
WEB filtering and Fortiguard WEB filtering YES YES  
Mail filtering and Anti-Spam YES YES  
Other UTM features (IM/P2P, DLP) YES YES  
IPsec gateway YES YES - Policy based mode only  
SSL gateway YES NO  
High-Availability (HA) - Virtual Cluster YES YES  
802.3ad (LACP / port aggregation) YES YES  
HA port redundancy YES YES FortiGate hardware dependent
802.1q - VLAN trunking YES YES  
802.1d - Spanning Tree NO NO - option to forward BPDUs  
Logging and reporting (FAMS, syslog or FortiAnalyzer) YES YES  
Managed by FortiManager YES YES