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> Chapter 8 - Deploying Wireless Networks > Wireless Mesh > Configuring a point-to-point bridge

Configuring a point-to-point bridge

You can create a point-to-point bridge to connect two wired network segments using a WiFi link. The effect is the same as connecting the two network segments to the same wired switch.

You need to:

  • Configure a backhaul link and root mesh AP as described in Configuring a point-to-point bridge.
    Note: The root mesh AP for a point-to-point bridge must be a FortiAP unit, not the internal AP of a FortiWiFi unit.
  • Configure bridging on the leaf AP unit.
To configure the leaf AP unit for bridged operation - FortiAP web-based manager
  1. With your browser, connect to the FortiAP unit web-based manager.
    You can temporarily connect to the unit’s Ethernet port and use its default address:
  2. Enter:
Operation Mode Mesh
Mesh AP SSID fortinet-ap
Mesh AP Password fortinet
Ethernet Bridge Select
  1. Select Apply.
  2. Connect the local wired network to the Ethernet port on the FortiAP unit.
    Users are assigned IP addresses from the DHCP server on the wired network connected to the root mesh AP unit.
To configure a FortiAP unit as a leaf AP - FortiAP CLI

cfg -a MESH_AP_SSID=fortinet-ap

cfg -a MESH_AP_PASSWD=fortinet


cfg -a MESH_AP_TYPE=1

cfg -c