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> Chapter 8 - Deploying Wireless Networks > Using a FortiWiFi unit as a client > Configuring client mode

Configuring client mode

To set up the FortiAP unit as a WiFi client, you must use the CLI. Before you do this, be sure to remove any AP WiFi configurations such as SSIDs, DHCP servers, policies, and so on.

To configure wireless client mode
  1. Change the WiFi mode to client.
    In the CLI, enter the following commands:

config system global

set wireless-mode client


Respond “y” when asked if you want to continue. The FortiWiFi unit will reboot.

  1. Configure the WiFi interface settings.
    For example, to configure the client for WPA-Personal authentication on the our_wifi SSID with passphrase justforus, enter the following in the CLI:

config system interface

edit wifi

set mode dhcp

config wifi-networks

edit 0

set wifi-ssid our_wifi

set wifi-security wpa-personal

set wifi-passphrase "justforus"



The WiFi interface client_wifi will receive an IP address using DHCP.

  1. Configure a wifi to port1 policy.
    You can use either CLI or web-based manager to do this. The important settings are:
Incoming Interface (srcintf) wifi
Source Address (srcaddr) all
Outgoing Interface (dstintf) port1
Destination Address (dstaddr) all
Schedule always
Service ALL
Enable NAT Selected