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> Chapter 14 - IPsec VPN > Protecting OSPF with IPsec > Creating a redundant configuration

Creating a redundant configuration

You can improve the reliability of the OSPF over IPsec configuration described in the previous section by adding a second IPsec tunnel to use if the default one goes down. Redundancy in this case is not controlled by the IPsec VPN configuration but by the OSPF routing protocol.

To do this you:

  • Create a second route-based IPsec tunnel on a different interface and define tunnel end addresses for it.
  • Add the tunnel network as part of the OSPF network and define the virtual IPsec interface as an additional OSPF interface.
  • Set the OSPF cost for the added OSPF interface to be significantly higher than the cost of the default route.

Adding the second IPsec tunnel

The configuration is the same as in Creating a redundant configuration, but the interface and addresses will be different. Ideally, the network interface you use is connected to a different Internet service provider for added redundancy.

When adding the second tunnel to the OSPF network, choose another unused subnet for the tunnel ends, and for example.

Adding the OSPF interface

OSPF uses the metric called cost when determining the best route, with lower costs being preferred. Up to now in this example, only the default cost of 10 has been used. Cost can be set only in the CLI.

The new IPsec tunnel will have its OSPF cost set higher than that of the default tunnel to ensure that it is only used if the first tunnel goes down. The new tunnel could be set to a cost of 200 compared to the default cost is 10. Such a large difference in cost will ensure this new tunnel will only be used as a last resort.

If the new tunnel is called tunnel_wan2, you would enter the following on both FortiGate units:

config router ospf

config ospf-interface

edit ospf_wan2

set cost 200

set interface tunnel_wan2

set network-type point-to-point