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Advertising SSIDs

  • It is highly recommended to advertise the SSID. It makes it easier for customers and wireless clients. Also, if you 'hide' the SSID (known as ‘network cloaking’), then clients will always look for it when they're outside the coverage area, which searches for known SSIDs, in effect leaking the SSID anyway. Refer to RFC 3370. Furthermore, many of the latest Broadcom drivers do not support hidden SSID for WPA2.
  • For security reason, you might want to prevent direct communication between your wireless clients. In this case, enable Block Intra-SSID Traffic (in the SSID configuration).
  • In a network with multiple wireless controllers, you need to change the mesh SSID so that each mesh root has a unique SSID. Other controllers using the same mesh root SSID might be detected as fake or rogue APs. Go to WiFi & Switch Controller > WiFI Network > SSID to change the SSID. Fortinet also recommends that you create a new preshared key instead of using the default.