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Configure FortiGate VM hardware settings

Before powering on your FortiGate VM you must add the log disk and configure the virtual hardware of your FortiGate VM.

To configure settings for FortiGate VM on the server:
  1. In the Virtual Machine Manager, locate the name of the virtual machine and then select Open from the toolbar.
  2. Select Add Hardware. In the Add Hardware window select Storage.
  3. Select Create a disk image on the computer’s harddrive and set the size to 30GB.
If you know your environment will expand in the future, it is recommended to increase the hard disk size beyond 30GB. The VM license limit is 2TB.
  1. Enter:
Device type Virtio disk
Cache mode Default
Storage format raw

Even though raw is the storage format listed, the qcow2 format is also supported.
  1. Select Network to configure add more the network interfaces. The Device type must be Virtio.

    A new virtual machine includes one network adapter by default. You can add more through the Add Hardware window. FortiGate VM requires four network adapters. You can configure network adapters to connect to a virtual switch or to network adapters on the host computer.
  2. Select Finish.