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> Chapter 14 - IPsec VPN > Redundant VPN configurations > General configuration steps

General configuration steps

A redundant configuration at each VPN peer includes:

  • One Phase 1 configuration (virtual IPsec interface) for each path between the two peers. In a fully-meshed redundant configuration, each network interface on one peer can communicate with each network interface on the remote peer. If both peers have two public interfaces, this means that each peer has four paths, for example.
  • One Phase 2 definition for each Phase 1 configuration.
  • One static route for each IPsec interface, with different distance values to prioritize the routes.
  • Two Accept security policies per IPsec interface, one for each direction of traffic.
  • Dead peer detection enabled in each Phase 1 definition.

The procedures in this section assume that two separate interfaces to the Internet are available on each VPN peer.