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> Chapter 17 - Logging and Reporting > Introduction


This FortiOS Handbook chapter contains the following sections:

Logging and reporting overview provides general information about logging. We recommend that you begin with this chapter as it contains information for both beginners and advanced users as well. It contains an explanation of log messages, files, and devices, and an overview of the Reporting functions.

Logging and reporting for small networks provides an overview of setting up a small network for logging, with a look at a possible setup with a backup solution and a customized report.

Logging and reporting for large networks provides an overview of setting up a larger, enterprise-level network, with configuration of multiple FortiGate units, multiple FortiAnalyzer units as a backup solution, and a sample procedure for creating a more intensive and broad report to suit the larger network.

Advanced logging provides a series of separate tutorials for possible tasks and procedures an advanced user may want to undertake with their FortiGate-powered network. It contains explanations of advanced backup, logging, and report solutions.

Troubleshooting and logging provides a short overview of how log messages can be used to identify and solve problems within the network, how to identify and solve logging database issues, and how to solve connection issues between FortiGate and FortiAnalyzer units.