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Differences between Models

This section examines some of the key types of differences that exist between different FortiGate models.


There are certain features that are not available on all models. For example, the Switch Controller, which allows a FortiGate unit to manage a FortiSwitch unit, is only available on FortiGate models 100D, 140D, 200D, 240D, 600C, 800C, and 1000C.

Other features may be available only through the CLI on models, while other models have options in the web-based manager. For example, SSL content inspection is a CLI-only feature on FortiGate models 20C, 30C, and 40C, while models 60C+ have options in the web-based manager.

For more information about some of the features that vary by model, please see the Feature/Platform Matrix.

If there is a feature you believe your FortiGate model supports that does not appear in the web-based manager as expected, go to System > Config > Features and ensure the feature is turned on. For more information, see Feature settings.


Naming conventions may vary between FortiGate models. For example, on some models the hardware switch interface used for the local area network is called lan, while on other units it is called internal.


Menus may vary by model. For example, on some FortiGate units, the main menu option Router is not available. Instead, routing is configured by going to System > Network > Routing.