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> Chapter 22 - SSL VPN > Basic configuration > Configuring encryption key algorithms

Configuring encryption key algorithms

The FortiGate unit supports a range of cryptographic cipher suites to match the capabilities of various web browsers. The web browser and the FortiGate unit negotiate a cipher suite before any information (for example, a user name and password) is transmitted over the SSL link. You can only configure encryption key algorithms for SSL VPN in the CLI.

To configure encryption key algorithms - CLI:

Use the following CLI command,

config vpn ssl settings

set algorithm <cipher_suite>


where one of the following variables replaces <cipher_suite>:

Variable Description
low Use any cipher suite; AES, 3DES, RC4, or DES.
medium Use a 128-bit or greater cipher suite; AES, 3DES, or RC4.
high Use a ciper suite grather than 128 bits; AES or 3DES.

Note that the algorithm <cipher_suite> syntax is only available when the sslvpn-enable attribute is set to enable.