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The Applications console provides information about the applications being used on your network. This console can be filtered by Application, Destination Interface, Policy, Security Action, and Source Interface.

Specific devices and time periods can be selected and drilled down for deep inspection.

In order for information to appear in the Applications console, Application Control must be enabled in a policy.

Scenario: Viewing application usage

A manager is interested in the office internet habits of their employees:

  1. Go to System > FortiView > Applications, to view the list of applications accessed by the users on your network. Use the time-frame options to view what applications were used in those time periods (from now, 5 minutes, 1 hour, or 24 hours).
  1. From Sessions (Blocked/Allowed) and Bytes (Sent/Received), you can see how much traffic has been generated. Click these columns to show the traffic in descending order.
  2. You notice that a social media application has created the most traffic of all the applications, and so it's at the top of the list. Drill down into the application by double-clicking, or right-click and select Drill down to details....
  3. You are directed to a summary page of the social media application. From here, you can see which specific user has made the most use of the application.


Only FortiGate models 100D and above support the 24 hour historical data.