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> Chapter 30 - WAN Optimization, Web Cache, Explicit Proxy, and WCCP > Introduction


You configure all of these features by creating security policies and adding WAN Optimization, web caching, and proxying to them. These same security policies can also include security profiles that apply UTM and NGFW features to WAN Optimization, web caching, and explicit proxy traffic.

The FortiOS Handbook chapter contains the following sections:

  • Example network topologies provides an overview of FortiGate WAN optimization best practices and technologies and some of the concepts and rules for using them. We recommend that you begin with this chapter before attempting to configure your FortiGate unit to use WAN optimization.
  • Configuring WAN optimization provides basic configuration for WAN optimization rules, including adding rules, organizing rules in the rule list and using WAN optimization addresses. This chapter also explains how WAN optimization accepts sessions, as well as how and when you can apply security profiles to WAN optimization traffic.
  • Peers and authentication groups describes how to use WAN optimization peers and authentication groups to control access to WAN optimization tunnels.
  • Configuration examples describes basic active-passive and peer-to-peer WAN optimization configuration examples. This chapter is a good place to start learning how to put an actual WAN optimization network together.
  • Web caching and SSL offloading describes how web caching works to cache HTTP and HTTPS, how to use SSL offloading to improved performance of HTTPS websites, and includes web caching configuration examples.
  • FortiClient WAN optimization describes how FortiGate and FortiClient WAN optimization work together and includes an example configuration.
  • The FortiGate explicit web proxy describes how to configure the FortiGate explicit web proxy, how users connect to the explicit web proxy, and how to add web caching to the explicit web proxy.
  • The FortiGate explicit FTP proxy describes how to configure the FortiGate explicit FTP proxy and how users connect to the explicit FTP proxy.
  • FortiGate WCCP describes FortiGate WCCP and how to configure WCCP and the WCCP client.
  • Diagnose commands describes get and diagnose commands available for troubleshooting WAN optimization, web cache, and WCCP.