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> Chapter 19 - Managing a FortiSwitch with a FortiGate > Introduction


This document describes how to use FortiGate to remotely manage FortiSwitch units, which is also known as using a FortiSwitch in FortiLink mode. FortiLink defines the management interface and the remote management protocol between the FortiGate and FortiSwitch.

FortiGate supports remote management for up to 16 FortiSwitches.

Supported Models

The following table shows the FortiSwitch models that support FortiLink mode when paired with the corresponding FortiGate models and the listed minimum software releases.


FortiSwitch FortiGate Earliest
FS-224D-POE FGT-90D(Wifi/poe) +
3.0.0 5.2.2
FS-108D-POE FGT-60D(all) +
3.0.1 5.2.3
FSR-112D-POE FGR-90D +
3.0.1 5.2.3
FS-124D FGT-90D + FGT-60D +
3.0.1 5.2.3
FS-124D-POE FGT-90D + FGT-60D +
3.0.1 5.2.3
FS-224D-FPOE FGT-90D + FGT-60D +
3.0.1 5.2.3

FortiGate models 1 includes the following: 100D/200D/240D/140D(POE, T1),280D(POE)/600C/800C/1000C

Before You Begin

Before you set up remote management of your FortiSwitch unit, certain assumptions have been made in the writing of this manual:

  • You have installed a FortiGate unit on your network and have administrative access to the FortiGate web-based manager and CLI.

How this Guide is Organized

This guide contains the following sections:

Getting Started - describes how to configure the FortiGate for remote management of the FortiSwitch units.

VLAN Configuration - configure VLANs from the FortiGate unit.

Port Configuration - configure Ports from the FortiGate unit.

Scenarios - contains practical examples of how to use the FortiGate unit to manage a network of FortiSwitches.