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> Chapter 15 - IPv6 > IPv6 Configuration > IPv6 PIM sparse mode multicast routing

IPv6 PIM sparse mode multicast routing

FortiOS supports PIM sparse mode multicast routing for IPv6 multicast (multicast6) traffic and is compliant with RFC 4601. You can use the following command to configure IPv6 PIM sparse multicast routing.

config router multicast6

set multicast-routing {enable | disable}

config interface

edit <interface-name>

set hello-interval <1-65535 seconds>

set hello-holdtime <1-65535 seconds>


config pim-sm-global

config rp-address

edit <index>

set ipv6-address <ipv6-address>



The following diagnose commands for IPv6 PIM sparse mode are also available:

diagnose ipv6 multicast status

diagnose ipv6 multicast vif

diagnose ipv6 multicast mroute