Chapter: system > mail


Use this command to configure mail servers on your FortiManager unit.


config system mail

edit <id>

set auth {enable | disable}

set passwd <passwd>

set port <integer>

set secure-option {default | none | smtps | starttls}

set server <string>

set user <string>





Enter the mail service ID of the entry you would like to edit or type a new name to create an entry. Character limit: 63


Enter the name of the mail server.

auth {enable | disable}

Enable/disable authentication.

passwd <passwd>

Enter the SMTP account password value. Character limit: 63

port <integer>

Enter the SMTP server port. Range: 1 to 65535

secure-option {default | none | smtps | starttls}

Select the communication secure option. One of:

  • default:Try STARTTLS, proceed as plain text communication otherwise.
  • none: Communication will be in plain text format.
  • smtps: Communication will be protected by SMTPS.
  • starttls: Communication will be protected by STARTTLS.

server <string>

Enter the SMTP server name.

user <string>

Enter the SMTP account user name.