Chapter: diagnose > cdb check


Use this command to check and repair or upgrade and repair the object configuration database and global policy assignment table.


diagnose cdb check adom-integrity [adom]

diagnose cdb check adom-revision [adom] [preview]

diagnose cdb check db-schema-version {get | reset | upgrade} [version]

diagnose cdb check policy-packages [adom]

diagnose cdb check update-devinfo <item> [new value] [0 | 1] [model-name]

diagnose cdb upgrade check <action>

diagnose cdb upgrade force-retry <action>

diagnose cdb upgrade log

diagnose cdb upgrade summary



check adom-integrity [adom]

Check and repair the specified ADOM's database.

check adom-revision [adom] [preview]

Check or remove invalid ADOM revision database. Optionally, preview the check before running it.

check db-schema-version {get | reset | upgrade} [version]

Get, reset, or upgrade the database schema version.

check policy-packages [adom]

Check the policy packages.

check reference-integrity [preview]

Check the ADOM reference table integrity. Optionally, preview the check before running it.

check update-devinfo <item> [new value] [0 | 1] [model-name]

Update device information by directly changing the database.

  • item: Device information item
  • new value: Item new value. Default sump summary only.
  • 0 | 1: update only empty values (default), or always update (1)
  • model-name: Only update on model name. Default: all models
upgrade check <action>

Perform a check to see if upgrade and repair is necessary.

The action can be:

  • objcfg-integrity - Object config database integrity
  • reference-integrity - Reference table integrity
  • object-sequence - Repair invalid object sequence
  • duplicate-uuid - Reassign duplicated uuid in ADOM database
  • resync-dev-vdoms - Resync and add any missing vdoms from device database to DVM database
  • invalid-install-target - Invalid policy package and template install target

upgrade force-retry <action>

Re-run an upgrade that was already performed in previous release.

The action can be:

  • clear-max-policyid - Clear ADOM max_policyid cache
  • refresh-controller-count - Refresh controller license count

upgrade log

Display the configuration database upgrade log.

upgrade summary

Display the firmware upgrade summary.