Chapter: system > alertemail


Use this command to configure alert email settings for your FortiManager unit.

All variables are required if authentication is enabled.


config system alertemail

set authentication {enable | disable}

set fromaddress <email-address_string>

set fromname <string>

set smtppassword <passwd>

set smtpport <integer>

set smtpserver {<ipv4_address>|<fqdn_string>}

set smtpuser <username>




authentication {enable | disable}

Enable/disable alert email authentication. Default: enable

fromaddress <email-address_string>

The email address the alertmessage is from. This is a required variable.

fromname <string>

The SMTP name associated with the email address. To enter a name that includes spaces, enclose the whole name in quotes.

smtppassword <passwd>

Set the SMTP server password. Character limit: 39

smtpport <integer>

The SMTP server port. Default: 25. Range: 1 to 65535

smtpserver {<ipv4_address>|<fqdn_string>}

The SMTP server address. Enter either a DNS resolvable host name or an IPv4 address.

smtpuser <username>

Set the SMTP server username. Character limit: 63


Here is an example of configuring alertemail. Enable authentication, the alert is set in Mr. Customer’s name and from his email address, the SMTP server port is the default port(25), and the SMTP server is at IPv4 address of

config system alertemail

set authentication enable

set fromaddress

set fromname “Mr. Customer”

set smtpport 25

set smtpserver