Chapter: fmupdate > custom-url-list


Use this command to configure the URL database for rating and filtering. You can select to use the FortiGuard URL database, a custom URL database, or both. When selecting to use a custom URL database, use the fmupdate {ftp | scp | tftp} import command to import the custom URL list. When FortiManager performs the URL rating, it will check the custom URL first. If a match is found, the custom rating is returned. If there is no match, then FortiManager will check the FortiGuard database.


config fmupdate custom-url-list

set db_selection {both | custom-url | fortiguard-db}




db_selection {both | custom-url | fortiguard-db}

Manage the FortiGuard URL database. The following options are available: 

  • both: Support both custom URL database and the FortiGuard database
  • custom-url: Customer imported URL list.
  • fortiguard-db: Fortinet’s FortiGuard database

Default setting: both