Chapter: system > log-fetch


Use the following commands to configure log fetching.

log-fetch client-profile

Use this command to configure the fetching client settings.


config system log-fetch client-profile

edit <id>

set client-adom

set data-range {custom}

set data-range-value <integer>

set end-time <hh:mm> <yyyy/mm/dd>

set index-fetch-logs {enable | disable}

set log-filter-status {enable | disable}

set log-filter-logic {and | or}

set name <string>

set password <passwd>

set secure-connection {enable | disable}

set server-adom

set server-ip <ip>

set start-time <hh:mm> <yyyy/mm/dd>

set sync-adom-config

set user <string>

config device-filter

edit <id>

set adom <string>

set device <device>

set vdom <string>


config log-filter

edit <id>

set field <string>

set oper {= | != | < | > | <= | >= | contain | not-contain | match}

set value <string>








The log-fetch client profile ID.


Set the client ADOM.

data-range {custom}

The data range settings for the fetched logs, which is always custom.

data-range-value <integer>

An integer representing the data range value.

end-time <hh:mm> <yyyy/mm/dd>

Set the end date and time of the data-range.

index-fetch-logs {enable | disable}

Enable/disable indexing logs automatically after fetching logs. Default: enabled.

log-filter-status {enable | disable}

Enable/Disable log-filter. Default: disabled.

log-filter-logic {and | or}

Set the logic for the log filters.

name <string>

The name of log-fetch client profile.

password <passwd>

The log-fetch server password.

secure-connection {enable | disable}

Enable/disable protecting log-fetch connection with TLS/SSL. Default: enabled.


Set the server ADOM.

server-ip <ip>

The log fetch server IPv4 address.

start-time <hh:mm> <yyyy/mm/dd>

Set the start date and time of the data-range. The start date should be earlier than the end date.


Synchronize the ADOM configuration.

user <string>

The log-fetch server username.

Variables for config device-filtersubcommand:


Add or edit a device filter.

adom <string>

Enter the ADOM name.

device <device>

Enter the device name or serial number.

vdom <string>

Enter the VDOM, if required.

Variables for config log-filtersubcommand:


The log filter ID.

field <string>

Enter the field name.

oper {= | != | < | > | <= | >= | contain | not-contain | match}

Set the filter operator:

  • = - Equal to
  • != - Not equal to
  • < - Less than
  • > - Greater than
  • <= - Less than or equal to
  • >= - Greater than or equal to
  • contain - Contain
  • not-contain - Not contain
  • match - Match (expression)

value <string>

Enter the field filter operand or free-text matching expression.

log-fetch server-setting

Use this command to configure the fetching server settings.


config system log-fetch server-setting

set max-conn-per-session <integer>

set max-sessions <integer>

set user <string>




max-conn-per-session <integer>

The maximum number of concurrent file download connections per session.

max-sessions <integer>

The maximum number of concurrent fetch sessions.

session-timeout <integer>

Set the fetch session timeout period, in minutes. This option is only available in server mode.