Chapter: system > dm


Use this command to configure Deployment Manager (DM) settings.


config system dm

set concurrent-install-image-limit <integer>

set concurrent-install-limit <integer>

set concurrent-install-script-limit <integer>

set discover-timeout <integer>

set dpm-logsize <integer>

set fgfm-sock-timeout <integer>

set fgfm_keepalive_itvl <integer>

set force-remote-diff {enable | disable}

set fortiap-refresh-cnt <integer>

set fortiap-refresh-itvl <integer>

set fortiext-refresh-cnt <integer>

set install-image-timeout <integer>

set install-tunnel-retry-itvl <integer>

set max-revs <integer>

set nr-retry <integer>

set retry {enable | disable}

set retry-intvl <integer>

set rollback-allow-reboot {enable | disable}

set script-logsize <integer>

set skip-tunnel-fcp-req {enable | disable}

set verify-install {enable | disable | optimal}




concurrent-install-image-limit <integer>

The maximum number of concurrent installs. Range: 5 to 1000. Default: 480

concurrent-install-limit <integer>

The maximum number of concurrent installs. Range: 5 to 1000. Default: 480

concurrent-install-script-limit <integer>

The maximum number of concurrent install scripts. Range: 5 to 1000. Default: 480

discover-timeout <integer>

Check connection timeout when discovering a device. Range: 3 to 15. Default: 6.

dpm-logsize <integer>

The maximum DPM log size per device. Range: 1 to 10000 (kB). Default: 10000

fgfm-sock-timeout <integer>

The maximum FortiManager /FortiGate communication socket idle time. Range: 90 to 1800 (seconds). Default: 360

fgfm_keepalive_itvl <integer>

The interval at which the FortiManager will send a keepalive signal to a FortiGate unit to keep the FortiManager /FortiGate communication protocol active. Range: 30 to 600 (seconds). Default: 120

force-remote-diff {enable | disable}

Enable to always use remote diff when installing. Default: disable.

fortiap-refresh-cnt <integer>

Maximum auto refresh FortiAP number each time. Range 1 - 10000. Default: 500

fortiap-refresh-itvl <integer>

Auto refresh FortiAP status interval. Range: 1 to 1440 (minutes). Default: 10

fortiext-refresh-cnt <integer>

Maximum device number for FortiExtender auto refresh. Range: 1 - 10000. Default: 50

install-image-timeout <integer>

Maximum waiting time for image transfer and device upgrade. Range: 600 to 7200 sec. Default: 3600

install-tunnel-retry-itvl <integer>

Time to re-establish tunnel during install. Range: 10 to 60 sec. Default: 60

max-revs <integer>

The maximum number of revisions saved. Range: 1 to 250. Default: 100

nr-retry <integer>

The number of times the FortiManager unit will retry. Default: 1

retry {enable | disable}

Enable/disable configuration installation retries. Default: enable

retry-intvl <integer>

The interval between attempting another configuration installation following a failed attempt. Default: 15

rollback-allow-reboot {enable | disable}

Enable/disable allowing a FortiGate unit to reboot when installing a script or configuration. Default: disable

script-logsize <integer>

Enter the maximum script log size per device. Range: 1 to 10000 KB . Default: 100

skip-tunnel-fcp-req {enable | disable}

Enable/disable skipping the FCP request sent from an FGFM tunnel. Default enable

verify-install {enable | disable | optimal}

Enable/disable verify install against remote configuration. The following options are available:

  • disable: Disable.
  • enable: Always verify installation (default).
  • optimal: Verify installation for command errors.


This example shows how to set up configuration installations. It shows how to set 5 attempts to install a configuration on a FortiGate device, waiting 30 seconds between attempts.

config system dm

set retry enable

set nr-retry 5

set retry-intvl 30