Chapter: system > ntp


Use this command to configure automatic time setting using a network time protocol (NTP) server.


config system ntp

set status {enable | disable}

set sync_interval <string>

config ntpserver

edit <id>

set ntpv3 {disable | enable}

set server <string>}

set authentication {disable | enable}

set key <passwd>

set key-id <integer>





status {enable | disable}

Enable/disable NTP time setting. Default: disable

sync_interval <string>

Enter the time, in minutes, how often the FortiManager unit synchronizes its time with the NTP server. Range: 1 to 1440 (minutes). Default: 60

Variables for config ntpserversubcommand:

ntpv3 {disable | enable}

Enable/disable NTPv3. Default: disable

server <string>}

Enter the IPv4 address or fully qualified domain name of the NTP server.

authentication {disable | enable}

Enable/disable MD5 authentication. Default: disable

key <passwd>

The authentication key. String maximum: 63 characters

key-id <integer>

The key ID for authentication. Default: 0