Troubleshooting : Resetting the configuration
Resetting the configuration
If you will be selling your FortiADC appliance, or if you are not sure what part of your configuration is causing a problem, you can reset it to its default settings and erase data. (If you have not updated the firmware, this is the same as resetting to the factory default settings.)
Back up your configuration before beginning this procedure, if possible. Resetting the configuration could include the IP addresses of network interfaces. For information on backups, see “Backups”. For information on reconnecting to a FortiADC appliance whose network interface configuration was reset, see “Connecting to the web UI or CLI”.
To delete your data from the appliance, connect to the CLI and enter this command:
execute formatlogdisk
To reset the appliance’s configuration, connect to the CLI and enter this command:
execute factoryreset
Alternatively, you can reset the appliance’s configuration to its default values for a specific software version by restoring the firmware during a reboot (a “clean install”). See “Restoring firmware (“clean install”)”.