Getting Started : Step 7: Test the deployment
Step 7: Test the deployment
You can test the load balancing deployment by emulating the traffic flow of your planned production deployment. Figure 15 shows a basic network topology.
Figure 15:  Basic network topology
To test basic load balancing:
1. Send multiple client requests to the virtual server IP address.
2. Go to the dashboard to watch the dashboard session and throughput counters increment.
3. Go to Log & Report > Log Browsing > Event Log > App to view the application event log. It includes logs of health check results.
4. Go to Log & Report > Log Browsing > Traffic Log > SLB HTTP (for example) to view traffic log. It includes throughput per destination IP address.
5. Go to Log & Report > Report to view reports. It has graphs of top N policies and servers.
Figure 16 through Figure 19 are examples of the logs and reports you can use to verify your deployment.
Figure 16:   Dashboard report
Figure 17:   Event log
Figure 18:   Traffic log
Figure 19:   Overall report