Logging and Reporting : Configuring alert email settings
Configuring alert email settings
You can configure alerts to be sent based on either event categories or event severities. See “Configuring an SMTP mail server” for information on how to set up the connection to the mail server.
Before you begin:
You must have Read-Write permission for Log & Report settings.
To configure alert email settings:
1. Go to Log & Report > Log Setting > Alert Mail.
2. Complete the configuration as described in Table 101.
3. Save the configuration.
Table 101: Alert mail configuration
By Category
By Category
Select this option to send alerts that match the specified categories. If you do not select this option, alerts are sent based on event severity.
Select the events for which alerts are sent:
Health Check
By Log Level
Log Level
Select the lowest severity for which alerts are sent:
Emergency—The system has become unstable.
Alert—Immediate action is required.
Critical—Functionality is affected.
Error—An error condition exists and functionality could be affected.
Warning—Functionality might be affected.
Notification—Information about normal events.
Information—General information about system operations.
Debug—Detailed information about the system that can be used to troubleshoot unexpected behavior.
For example, if you select Error, the system sends alerts with level Error, Critical, Alert, and Emergency. If you select Alert, the system sends alerts with level Alert and Emergency.
General Settings
If identical alerts are occurring continuously, select the interval between each email that will be sent while the event continues.
Sender email address used in alert email.
Click the Recipient tab and then click Add to display the configuration editor.
Recipient name to appear in alert email.
Mail To
Recipient email address.