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About logs & logging
FortiADC appliances can log many different network activities and traffic including:
overall network traffic
system-related events including system restarts and HA activity
Each type can be useful during troubleshooting or forensic investigation. For more information about log types, see “Log types”.
You can select a priority level that log messages must meet in order to be recorded. For more information, see “Log severity levels”.
The FortiADC appliance can save log messages to its memory, or to a remote location such as a Syslog server or FortiAnalyzer appliance. For more information, see “Configuring logging”. The FortiADC appliance can also use log messages as the basis for reports. For more information, see “Reports”.
FortiADC appliances can display event log messages on the dashboard. For more information, see “Event Log Console widget”.
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