Monitoring your system : Logging : Viewing log messages
Viewing log messages
You can use the web UI to view and download locally stored log messages. (You cannot use the web UI to view log messages that are stored remotely on Syslog or FortiAnalyzer devices.)
Log messages are in human-readable format, where each column’s name, such as Source (src in Raw view), indicates its contents.
To view log messages
1. Go to one of the log types:
Log & Report > Log Access > Event Log
Log & Report > Log Access > Traffic Log
To access this part of the web UI, your administrator’s account access profile must have Read-Write permission to items in the Log & Report category. For details, see “Permissions”.
Columns and appearance varies slightly by the log type.
Initially, the page displays the most recent log messages for that log type.
In FortiADC HA clusters, log messages are recorded on their originating appliance. If you notice a gap in the logs, a failover may have occurred. Logs during that period will be stored on the other appliance. To view those logs, switch to the other appliance.