Protection settings can be configured manually or with assistance from auto-learning.

Auto-learning can teach you a great deal about the threats your web assets face. It also helps you to understand your web applications’ structures and how end-users use them. Most importantly, though, auto-learning can help you to quickly tailor FortiWeb’s configuration to suit your web applications.

For data centers, colocation centers, and complex web applications, auto-learning-assisted configuration can save significant amounts of time compared to purely manual configuration. However, auto-learning is also resource-intensive and can decrease performance while gathering data. For strategies on minimizing the impact to your network, see Running auto-learning and Regular expression performance tips.

Auto-learning discovers the URLs and other characteristics of HTTP and/or HTTPS sessions by observing traffic that is passing to your web servers. To learn about whether the request is legitimate or a potential attack attempt, it performs the following tasks:

By learning from your traffic, the FortiWeb appliance can suggest appropriate configurations, and help you to quickly generate profiles designed specifically for your unique traffic.

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