Appendix E: How to purchase and renew FortiGuard licenses

FortiGuard services can be purchased individually or in bundles. After you've registered your FortiWeb (see Registering your FortiWeb), contact your reseller with the model of your FortiWeb and the services or bundled you would like. Upon purchasing services from your reseller, you will receive the service registration document by email which also includes the service in title and summary containing your contractor registration code. Once you receive this document, please login to FortiNet Support at, to activate your services. Here are the steps:

  1. After logging to FortiNet Support, click Register/Renew (If you haven't yet registered your FortiWeb you can do so here by entering the serial number).
  2. Registration Code: If you have already registered your FortiWeb, continued by entering your Contract Registration Code from the Service Entitlement Summary on the second page of your service registration document. Go Next.
  3. Registration Info: Choose the unit you would like to apply the service to. Go Next.
  4. Agreement: Read and verify you agree to the terms and conditions of the service. Go Next.
  5. Verification: Verify the product entitlement list features all services you wish for the time period you purchased (the Activation Date and Expiration Date columns on the right). Click Confirm.
  6. Complete: The registration is now complete.

You can take up to four hours for FortiWeb to receive the updated services and, from the FortiWeb Web UI, you can click the Refresh button of License Information which is the check of the status and expiry date has been updated (see Connecting to FortiGuard services).