FortiToken Cloud 20.4.a Online Help

Getting started—FAC-FTC users

  • Tasks such as creating FAC users and enabling them for FTC service can and must be performed on the FAC GUI only; no FAC Console commands are available for such operations.
  • Currently, FTC does NOT support token activation via SMS and synchronization of mobile numbers for end users with FortiAuthenticator as the auth client.
  • For the time being. FTC does NOT support OTP via email and SMS as 2FA methods for end users with FAC as the auth client.

If you use FAC as an authentication client of FTC, you must complete the following steps to get started with FTC:

  1. Register your FTC subscription.
  2. Upgrade FortiAuthenticator OS.
  3. Log in to the FortiToken Cloud portal.
  4. Activate FAC for FTC service.
  5. Add an admin user for FTC service.
  6. Add a local user for FTC service.