FortiToken Cloud 21.1.a Online Help

Add a local user for FTC service

Once you are sure that your FTC service is enabled on your FAC device, you can create local FAC users and enable them for FTC service using the following procedures:

  1. From the FAC menu, click Authentication>User Management>Local Users.
  2. From the top of the page, click Create New to open the Create New Local User page.
  3. Specify a unique username.
  4. For Role, select the User radio button.
  5. Click OK.The page refreshes.
  6. On the Change local user page, select Token-based authentication>FortiToken>FortiToken Cloud.
  7. Click User Information.
  8. Enter the user's first name and last name.
  9. Enter the user's email address.
  10. Click OK.

Once a user is created on FAC, information about the user automatically appears on the Users page of the FTC portal. If the user is the first user of the FAC that you've added for FTC service, the FAC appears on the Auth Clients page as well.

FAC supports local and remote users. FAC remote users are those imported into FAC form an LDAP/AD or RADIUS server. They are stored in FAC without their passwords (which are still kept in the remote directory). Such imported users are stored in FAC as Remote Users, and are unique per directory.


Names of FTC users created on FAC show up on the FTC GUI and in email notifications with some unwanted characters in corner brackets before and/or after them.