FortiSIEM Rules

Spyware Found And Cleaned

Rule ID


Default Status



Detects that host or gateway IPS found and cleaned spyware installed on hosts. Spyware are malicious applications that can be installed on hosts without the knowledge of the user. Once installed, a spyware automatically run each time the host is started, records URLs visited, user name, password and credit card information and send this information to spyware authors







Execution consists of techniques that result in adversary-controlled code running on a local or remote system. Techniques that run malicious code are often paired with techniques from all other tactics to achieve broader goals, like exploring a network or stealing data. For example, an adversary might use a remote access tool to run a PowerShell script that does Remote System Discovery.

MITRE ATT&CK® Techniques


User Execution: Malicious Link

An adversary may rely upon a user clicking a malicious link in order to gain execution. Users may be subjected to social engineering to get them to click on a link that will lead to code execution. Clicking on a link may also lead to other execution techniques such as exploitation of a browser or application vulnerability via Exploitation for Client Execution. Links may also lead users to download files that require execution via Malicious File.



Data Source

FortiClient via Syslog, Cisco AMP via CISCO_AMP_STREAM_API etc



Remediation Guidance

No remediation guidance specified

Time Window

If the following pattern or patterns match an ingested event within the given time window in seconds, trigger an incident.

300 seconds

Trigger Conditions

If the following defined pattern/s occur within a 300 second time window.


SubPattern Definitions

SubPattern Name: IPS

This is the named definition of the event query, this is important if multiple subpatterns are defined to distinguish them.

SubPattern Query

This is the query logic that matches incoming events

reptDevIpAddr IN (Group@PH_SYS_DEVICE_NETWORK_IPS) AND eventType IN (Group@PH_SYS_EVENT_Spyware_Remedy_Success)

Group by Attributes

This defines how matching events are aggregated, only events with the same matching attribute values are grouped into one unique incident ID


Aggregate Constraint

This is most typically a numerical constraint that defines when the rule should trigger an incident

COUNT (*) >= 1

Incident Attribute Mapping

This section defines which fields in matching raw events should be mapped to the incident attributes in the resulting incident.

The available raw event attributes to map are limited to the group by attributes and the aggregate event constraint fields for each subpattern

 srcIpAddr = IPS.srcIpAddr,
 compEventType = IPS.eventType,
 ipsSignatureId = IPS.ipsSignatureId