FortiSIEM Rules

Outbreak: Microsoft Office Follina Vuln Detected on Network

Rule ID


Default Status



A Fortinet product has detected Microsoft Office Follina (CVE-2022-30190) Vuln on network






Resource Development

Resource Development consists of techniques that involve adversaries creating, purchasing, or compromising/stealing resources that can be used to support targeting. Such resources include infrastructure, accounts, or capabilities. These resources can be leveraged by the adversary to aid in other phases of the adversary lifecycle, such as using purchased domains to support Command and Control, email accounts for phishing as a part of Initial Access, or stealing code signing certificates to help with Defense Evasion.

MITRE ATT&CK® Techniques


Compromise Infrastructure: Botnet

Before compromising a victim, adversaries may compromise numerous third-party systems to form a botnet?that can be used during targeting. A botnet is a network of compromised systems that can be instructed to perform coordinated tasks. Instead of purchasing/renting a botnet from a booter/stressor service, adversaries may build their own botnet by compromising numerous third-party systems. Adversaries may also conduct a takeover of an existing botnet, such as redirecting bots to adversary-controlled C2 servers. With a botnet at their disposal, adversaries may perform follow-on activity such as large-scale Phishing or Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS).



Data Source

FortiGate via Syslog, FortiProxy via Syslog



Remediation Guidance

Check if the source is patched for the CVE associated with the event. If yes then remove the host from the network and patch immediately. If host is not scanned then determine if the host is running the affected version of the application. If yes then patch immediately, else it is likely a false positive.

Time Window

If the following pattern or patterns match an ingested event within the given time window in seconds, trigger an incident.

300 seconds

Trigger Conditions

If the following defined pattern/s occur within a 300 second time window.


SubPattern Definitions

SubPattern Name: ms_follina

This is the named definition of the event query, this is important if multiple subpatterns are defined to distinguish them.

SubPattern Query

This is the query logic that matches incoming events

eventType IN ("FortiGate-ips-signature-51578","FortiProxy-ips-signature-51578",Group@PH_SYS_EVENT_FortiGate_AV_Detected) AND (ipsSignatureId IN (51578,10092097) OR virusName = "MSWord/Agent.2E52!tr.dldr")

Group by Attributes

This defines how matching events are aggregated, only events with the same matching attribute values are grouped into one unique incident ID


Aggregate Constraint

This is most typically a numerical constraint that defines when the rule should trigger an incident

COUNT(*) >= 1

Incident Attribute Mapping

This section defines which fields in matching raw events should be mapped to the incident attributes in the resulting incident.

The available raw event attributes to map are limited to the group by attributes and the aggregate event constraint fields for each subpattern