Scheduling a CMDB Report

Complete these steps to schedule a CMDB report to run at a later time:

  1. Go to CMDB and browse to select the report under CMDB Reports on the left tree.
  2. Select the report from the list.
  3. Click Schedule
  4. In the Schedule dialog box, select the required information.


    Organization type.

    Select whether to Run this report for or Schedule this report for the remaining settings.

    • Choose Run this report for if you would like to run the report for only Global administrators. This choice will combine event data from all selected Organizations within one PDF, RTF, or CSV report and sent to the Global Administrators added in the notification settings while scheduling report alerts.
    • Choose Schedule this report for if you would like to run this report for each selected Organization seperately same as your login to each of these Organizations and schedule this report there. In this case, each selected Organization will receive its own copy of PDF, RTF, or CSV report containing the event data for its own Organization based on the notification settings added while scheduling report alerts.
    Schedule Time Range

    Enter the Time range to run the report.

    Schedule Recurrence Pattern

    Recurrence pattern: once, hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. Enter the start date in the Start From field.


    Use the options as required:

    • Default Notification - to send notification to new recipients by adding them using the + icon.
    • Custom Notification - to send the notification to the specific email addresses added under ADMIN > Settings > System.
    • Copy to a remote location - To copy the report to a remote directory, first define the remote location in ADMIN > Settings > Analytics > Scheduled Report to be copied to this remote location when scheduler runs any report and then select this option.
  5. Click OK.

You can also schedule a CMDB report by selecting the report from the list and clicking +under Schedule tab in the lower pane.