Viewing Agent Health

If your FortiSIEM deployment includes agents, you can monitor the status of your Windows and Linux agents in the ADMIN > Health > Agent Health page.

The Search... field allows you to filter agents by name.

The Columns drop-down list allows you select what agent properties you want to appear in the table.

You can filter agents by organization that appear in the table by using the drop-down list next to the Columns drop-down list.

Properties Associated with Agent Health

Agent Property Description
Name The name of the agent device is displayed. Clicking on the name will take you to the CMDB > Devices page for that device, where you can edit the device's configuration or view other information.
IP Address The IP address of the agent is displayed.
Device Type The operating system running the agent is displayed.
Agent Type The agent server type is listed.
Agent Version The version that the agent is running on is displayed.
Agent Status The agent's current status is displayed.
Event Status The event status reported by the agent is displayed.
Monitor Status The monitor status is displayed. This is for performance monitoring.
Agent Policy The name of the policy configured for the agent is displayed.
Status The status of an agent's last action is displayed.
Discovered The date when an agent was discovered is displayed.

Event Receive Status

Displays device receiving event status metric information.

Monitor Status

Monitor Status displays metric information based on your server and protocol configuration. See What is Discovered and Monitored for your specific server in the External Systems Configuration Guide for more information.
Note: This table does not appear if there is no monitoring configuration.