Administrator Tools

This topic describes administration tools and scripts that are included with your FortiSIEM deployment, along with information on where to find and how to use them.

Tool Description How to Use It
phTools phTools is a simple tool for starting and stopping backend processes, and for getting change log information. When you upgrade your deployment, for example, you would use phTools to stop all backend processes.

Log in to the FortiSIEM host machine as root.



Commands: --changelog, --start, --stop, --stats

Target: ALL

--change-log also supports


TestSegmentReader Test Segment Reader is used to quickly read data segments in the eventdb through the command line. You can use this to manually inspect data integrity and parsed event attributes.

Log in to the FortiSIEM host machine as root.


[root@FortiSIEM]#TestSegmentReader <segmentDir>

phExportEvent Used to export event information to a CSV file.

A script to selectively delete event data per org and time interval
See Exporting Events to Files.
TestDBPurger Use Only to Delete Data for a Single Date: You should only use this script to delete data for a single date and organization. If you try to delete data for multiple dates, the script will fail. You can find the script at /opt/phoenix/bin/TestDBPurger. Run it in terminal mode and follow the instructions.