Configuring Maintenance Calendars

A Maintenance Calendar displays when a device is undergoing maintenance (likely due to hardware and software upgrades). When a device is in maintenance, it is not monitored for performance, availability and change and the corresponding rules do not trigger.

This section provides the procedures to set up maintenance calendars.

Create a Maintenance Calendar

Complete these steps to schedule maintenance:

  1. Go to ADMIN > Setup > Maintenance tab.
  2. Click New and specify the following:

    Name[Required] Name of the Calendar. This will be displayed on the Calendar.
    DescriptionDescription or details about this schedule.
    Schedule[Required] Specify the times during which devices will be in maintenance.
    Groups/DevicesSpecify the groups/devices and Synthetic Transaction Monitoring (STM) tasks that will be in maintenance.
  3. Optional - To generate incidents during maintenance, enable Generate Incidents for Devices under Maintenance.
  4. Click Save.

Specifying a Schedule

  1. Click the Schedule drop-down list in the Device Maintenance window.
  2. Enter values for the following options:
    • Time Range specifies start time (within the day) and the duration of the maintenance window.
    • Recurrence Pattern specifies if and how the maintenance window will repeat.
      • If the maintenance window is one time:
        1. Select Once for Recurrence Pattern.
        2. Select the specific date on the Recurrence Range.
      • If the maintenance window should repeat on certain days of the week:
        1. Select Recurring Days and select the Repeat Days and Repeat months.
        2. Select the start and end dates for Recurrence Range.
      • If the maintenance window should repeat on certain months of the year:
        1. Select Recurring Months and select the Repeat Months.
        2. Select the Start From/End By dates for Recurrence Range or select No end date to continue the recurrance forever.
  3. Click Save to apply the changes.

Specifying the Devices Under Maintenance

  1. Click the Groups/Devices drop-down list in the Device Maintenance dialog box.
  2. From the Folders on the left pane, select either the Devices folder or the STM folder of all the STM jobs defined so far.
  3. From the devices/STM jobs shown in the middle pane, select the appropriate ones and click > for them to appear in the right Selections pane.
  4. To select all devices in a folder, select the folder on the left windows and click >> to move the folder into the right window.
  5. Click Save.

Viewing Existing Maintenance Calendars

The existing maintenance calendars can be displayed in various time windows. These options are available on the top-right:

  • Monthly view - click Month.
  • Weekly view - click Week or List (Week).
  • Day view - click Day.

You can navigate to a specific month on the Calendar, click the < and > buttons on the top-left of the Calendar. To view the current Maintenance, click Current.

Modifying Existing Maintenance Calendars

Complete these steps to modify a maintenance schedule:

  1. Select the schedule from the Calendar.
  2. Click the tab based on the required action:

    • Edit - to edit the scheduled maintenance settings.
    • Delete - to delete the scheduled maintenance.

  3. Click Save.