Saving Search Results

Sometimes you must save a search and/or the search results for later use. With the search result displayed in ANALYTICS, complete these steps:

  1. From the Actions drop-down list, select Save as Report.
  2. Specify the Report Name.
  3. Specify whether the Report Definition must be saved. This will allow you to re-run the query at a later time. If you respond "yes", then:
    1. Check Save Definition.
    2. Select the report folder in Save To where the new report should be saved.
  4. Enable Save Results if the Report results should be saved and then select the time duration.
    If this option is enabled, the results will be stored under the Saved Results folder under the Folders icon.
  5. Enable Save Template if you want to apply a template to your results. Follow the instructions in Designing a PDF report template to design the cover page and add sections, subsections, attachments, and so on, to the report.