Alert email

As an administrator, you want to be certain you can respond quickly to issues occurring on your network or on the FortiGate unit. Alert emails provide an efficient and direct method of notifying an administrator of events. By configuring alert messages, you can define the threshold when a problem becomes critical and needs attention. When this threshold is reached, the FortiGate unit will send an email to one or more individuals, notifying them of the issue.

In the following example, the FortiGate unit is configured to send email to two administrators (admin1 and admin2) when multiple intrusions are detected every two minutes. The FortiGate unit has its own email address on the mail server.

To configure the email service
  1. Go to System > Advanced.
  2. In the Email Service, enable Use Custom Email Server, complete the following and select Apply:
SMTP Server Enter the address or name of the email server. For example,
Default Reply To Enter an email address to associate with the alert email. This field is optional. If you enter an email address here, it overrides the email address entered when configuring alert email in Log & Report > Email Alert Settings.
Authentication Enable authentication if required by the email server.
Security mode Choose between None, SMTPS or STARTTLS
Port 25
To configure alert email - GUI
  1. Go to Log & Report > Email Alert Settings.
  2. Enter the information:
Email from
Email to
  1. For the Interval Time, enter 2.
  2. Select Intrusion Detected.
  3. Select Apply.
To configure alert email - CLI

config system email-server

set port 25

set server

set authenticate enable

set username FortiGate

set password *************


config alertemail setting

set username

set mailto1

set mailto2

set filter category

set IPS-logs enable