YouTube Education Filter

YouTube for Schools was a way to access educational videos from inside a school network. This YouTube feature gave schools the ability to access a broad set of educational videos on YouTube EDU and to select the specific videos that are accessible from within the school network.

Google stopped supporting YouTube for Schools (YTfS) as of July 1, 2016. Consequently, the current YouTube safe search does not work anymore.

Google provides an article entitled "Restrict YouTube content on your network or managed devices" on its support site. At this time, Google offers two options to restrict inappropriate content: DNS and HTTP header.

To restrict YouTube access, go to Security Profiles > Web Filter, scroll to Search Engines and enable Restrict YouTube Access. You can select either Strict or Moderate level of restriction. Your FortiGate must be in proxy mode.

YouTube Channel Filtering

This Web Filtering feature lets you block or allow matched YouTube channels using one of the following identifiers:

  • <channel-id>
    matches channel-id from <meta itemprop="channelId" content="UCGzuiiLdQZu9wxDNJHO_JnA">
    matches channel-id from <meta itemprop="channelId" content="UCGzuiiLdQZu9wxDNJHO_JnA">

Note that config youtube-channel-filter is only available when youtube-channel-status is set to either blacklist or whitelist. Also note that, when defining channel-id, both the full URL or just the Channel ID suffix are acceptable, as shown below:

config webfilter profile

edit <name>

set youtube-channel-status {disable | blacklist | whitelist}

config youtube-channel-filter

edit <id>

set channel-id <url>


edit <id>

set channel-id <channel-id>