Troubleshooting FortiView

No logging data is displayed

In order for information to appear in the FortiView consoles, disk logging must be selected for the FortiGate unit. To select disk logging, go to Log & Report > Log Settings.

Disk logging is disabled by default for some FortiGate units. To enable disk logging, enter the following command in the CLI:

config log disk setting

set status enable



Only certain FortiGate models support Disk Logging — refer to the FortiView feature support - platform matrix for more information.

Logging is enabled, but data is not appearing

Some FortiView consoles require certain features to be enabled and working before they will display any data. For example, the Web Filtering FortiView page requires that a Web Filtering profile be configured in Security Profiles > Web Filter and then applied to a policy in Policy & Objects > IPv4 Policy.

First, ensure the feature is enabled in System > Feature Visibility, and then go to the appropriate page to make sure that the feature is being implemented. If it is working but is producing no data, FortiView will have nothing to display.