New PPPoE features

PPPoE dynamic gateway support (397628)

Original design for PPPoE requires to configure a static gateway. Although it works in many scenarios, some customers require to add support for dynamic gateway for internet-service based routes.

No changes to the CLI neither to the GUI.

Support multiple PPPoE connections on a single interface (363958)

Multiple PPPoE connections on a single physical or vlan interface are now supported by the FortiGate. In addition the interface can be on demand PPPoE.



config system pppoe-interace

edit <name>

set dial-on-demand [enable|disable]

set ipv6 [enable|disable]

set device <interface>

set username <string>

set password <string>

set auth-type [auto|pap|chap|mschapv1|mschapv2]

set ipunnumbered <class_ip>

set pppoe-unnumbered-negotiate [enable|disable]

set idle-timeout <integer>

set disc-retry-timeout <integer>

set padt-retry-timeout <integer>

set service-name <string>

set ac-name <string>

set lcp-echo-interval <integer>

set lcp-max-echo-fails <integer>


  • dial-on-demand- Enable/disable the dial on demand.feature
  • ipv6 - Enable/disable the use of IPv6.
  • device - The name of the physical interface.
  • username - User name for credentials
  • password - Password matching the above username
  • auth-type - The type of PPP authentication to be used.
  • auto - Automatic choice of authentication
  • pap - PAP authentication
  • chap - CHAP authentication
  • mschapv1 - MS-CHAPv1 authentication
  • mschapv2 - MS-CHAPv2 authentication
  • ipunnumbered - PPPoE unnumbered IP.
  • pppoe-unnumbered-negotiate - Enable/disable PPPoE unnumbered negotiation.
  • idle-timeout - Idle time in seconds before PPPoE auto disconnects. 0 (zero) for no timeout.
  • disc-retry-timeout - Timeout value in seconds for PPPoE initial discovery. 0 to 4294967295. Default = 1.
  • padt-retry-timeout - Timeout value in seconds for PPPoE terminatation. 0 to 4294967295. Default = 1.
  • service-name - PPPoE service name.)
  • ac-name - PPPoE AC name.
  • lcp-echo-interval - Interval in seconds allowed for PPPoE LCP echo. 0 to 4294967295. Default = 5.
  • lcp-max-echo-fails - Maximum number of missed LCP echo messages before disconnect. 0 to 4294967295. Default = 3.