SIP over IPv6

FortiGates operating in NAT and in Transparent mode support SIP over IPv6. The SIP ALG can process SIP messages that use IPv6 addresses in the headers, bodies, and in the transport stack. The SIP ALG cannot modify the IPv6 addresses in the SIP headers so FortiGates cannot perform SIP or RTP NAT over IPv6 and also cannot translate between IPv6 and IPv4 addresses.

In the scenario shown inthe figure below, a SIP phone connects to the Internet through a FortiGate operating. The phone and the SIP and RTP servers all have IPv6 addresses.

The FortiGate has IPv6 security policies that accept SIP sessions. The SIP ALG understands IPv6 addresses and can forward IPv6 sessions to their destinations. Using SIP application control features the SIP ALG can also apply rate limiting and other settings to SIP sessions.

SIP support for IPv6

To enable SIP support for IPv6 add an IPv6 security policy that accepts SIP packets and includes a VoIP profile.