FortiGates support the Real Time Protocol (RTP) application layer protocol for the VoIP call audio stream. RTP uses dynamically assigned port numbers that can change during a call. SIP control messages that start a call and that are sent during the call inform callers of the port number to use and of port number changes during the call.

During a call, each RTP session will usually have a corresponding Real Time Control Protocol (RTCP) session. By default, the RTCP session port number is one higher than the RTP port number.

The RTP port number is included in the m= part of the SDP profile. In the example above, the SIP INVITE message includes RTP port number is 49170 so the RTCP port number would be 49171. In the SIP response message the RTP port number is 3456 so the RTCP port number would be 3457.